Cold shoulders,

Blind eyes,

They decorate our lives.

Sharp tongues, deaf ears

Conjuring our greatest fears.

We run.

Until our legs collapse before a spiral Sun.

But it’s okay

To step away.

Nothing wrong

With moving on.

Here to be

But not for long.

Like the echoes of the songs we sang

We fade.

“So lend to me

Strong eyes to see,

That I might know

My destiny.”

Off into eternity,

We’ll bring with us

Our hope…

And we come to know these things

As they’re revealed.

And we pour them out in color,

Shattering the Seventh Seal,

The trumpets sound

And now

We’re free to move.


Now you’ve seen the up and down,

The jagged horns

And shining crown

That sit upon the skull of he or she

Who finds within themself

The lock and key.

Be it Heaven,

Be it Hell,

May your own fate find you well.

Be it a lasting peace

Or at least

Another tale to tell.

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