Back against my wall,

Eyes focused on the ceiling,

Could I trade this feeling

For anything at all,

I’d channel you.

I sink into temptation

And it swallows me like mud

And I just can’t escape

From what I’ve done.

So I channel you.

Show me what to do…

I channel you.

The jabs just keep on coming,

I stand solid

Remembering your leather skin,

Your foggy eyes.

Your temper and your peaceful motions.

When I might lose my way,

If I’m confused…

I channel you.

And from the dark

A whistle starts

To shoot across the Void,

Into my heart.

And I’m hand-in-hand with you

Your eyes so clear,

Your golden skin, brand new.

You still won’t tell me what to do.

But I see you,

And I see me.

I see what I might someday be,

Another soul, like yours,

Some child of mine adores.

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