You’re magic, clear as day.

No question in my mind,

The universe is graced

By your presence in its time.

And when the world has nailed

Your beauty to its walls

Whatever’s left for me,

I swear I’ll have it all.

This world is just the card,

You struck your match against.

The sweetness of your laugh

The rising of your chest

That laughing fills my heart,

Like wind will fill a mast.

Whatever’s left for me,

My life to make it last.

From now until the end,

Our worlds will never part.

When trouble fills your head,

Call out into the dark.

You’ll hear, before you see,

The racing of my feet.

Still on the way to you

Wherever that may be.

Whatever’s left for me,

By then.

Wherever you may be.

By then.

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