Last String

Imagine me

Bound to a string.

But floating over everything.

The world and worries

Lost to me.

And bulging clouds

So rapidly

Gathering around the string.

It’s longer than the Earth is wide

And stretching farther all this time.

And looking down,

All I can see

The threaded loop around my feet

The line almost invisible

Before the sea of white.

Imagine this…

The passionless

Expression of a masochist

But not for pleasure

Not for pain.

To be like them…

Each drop of rain.

Each bolt of lightning

Striking me

Imagine us

As all of these.

And breathing deep

I’ll make my peace

With everything I’ve heard, or seen.

And finally be severed clean

Imagine that

As harmony.

The slowly falling length of string

Bowing down to gravity

And light as air, my body rising

Fantasy and truth colliding

And so, I leave the last of these

Petty little knots of string

Sinking down, so far beneath

My cosmic cradle

Unspeakable peace.

Imagine me


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