Shining In The Dark

I’m shining in the dark.
I’m always coming over
Never stepping in.
Not really.
Visit me in story
I’ll come to meet you at your window
But understand
I’m staying out here in the dark.
At last I have a grip on all that’s real.
Shaken from my slumber, I’m just me.
Alone and strung up high upon this
And I’m shining in the dark.
I’ve learned to play my part.
And while the blades were sharpening
I could honestly feel the hardening of my
Before a stab or swipe was taken,
I was rattled, I was shaken
Once again from the soundness of my sleep.

And opening my own eyes, now I see
That all this time, the world was watching Me.
Well, now that heart is truly hardened
And awash within the darkness
I ssurrender the life and loves
I swore I had.

I’m shining in the dark
Yellow skin and freckled cheeks

Awake and in this lovely dance
The sea, along with me, entranced

Yellow skin.
A freckled face.
I’m shining in the darkened space
Finally untethered by the pain.

Let my story be a light
To show your way
I’m shining in the darkness
Now, for always.

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