Only Fantasy…

Step with me, off to the side Close your eyes, enjoy the ride. Think you’ve seen this to the finish, I can promise you, you didn’t. And you, if anybody knows That we’ve got so far to go… You can take it, and you move In that way you always do You make me want […]


From my village, there’s a trail That leads to the Greystone Standing tall upon a hill. Animals nip at its mosses by day The children love to climb it, and nap in its shade. But every night, a strange thing occurs… With a shake and a rumble, up out from the earth, A geyser so […]


In the sweat tent, Droplets form atop my skin. Taking out from me the substance of my sin. Waking, in the heat, another consciousness. Slow to anger, softly spoken, the “better man”. This total stranger, once awoken, permanent. The pantheon of demons scream in their lament. But overcoming, he and I ignore their cries. One […]

See Her Shining

See it shining in her eyes The rounded teardrops crystallized And spilling out onto her cheek And spelling “fear” along her face, I never thought I’d be the one To see her shining like the Sun And in a shroud of mystery The silhouette of a stranger’s child. Through such an empty, broken smile She […]