Four corners and I’ve walked them all

Sleeping under trailers, in bathroom stalls.

Fighting to stay warm before the school bell rang.

Hiking through the woods, every bird, I’ve heard them sing.

Made a lot of friends, lost as many.

I’ve taken and borrowed, given my last few pennies.

I know the paths here, where cars can’t go

And I’ve been picked up off the side of the road.

Been left in a ditch to be found in the rain.

I’ve limped back home, soaking my foot in sewer drains.

Rested my heavy head on the beds of fiends and friends.

I’ve had the chance to make a change,

The chance to make mistakes.

I’ve found and lost myself among the shrinking wilderness.

And above all, I’ve left behind my fingerprints.

No matter the drama and the memories that fade,

I’ll forever have dominion over this place.

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