See Her Shining

See it shining in her eyes

The rounded teardrops crystallized

And spilling out onto her cheek

And spelling “fear” along her face,

I never thought I’d be the one

To see her shining like the Sun

And in a shroud of mystery

The silhouette of a stranger’s child.

Through such an empty, broken smile

She forces out the words so vile,

And now the light that’s shone inside her

Will last long after we’re dead.

Because in the haste of their decision,

She pays the price, so I go ahead

And wipe the trails of acid rain

Away from her beautiful, twisted face

And by her sinking shoulders

Take her down

To rest her mind, I’ll tell her how

Her light is blinding, even now.

Though some will say she did it wrong

And others still, will cast their stones,

I know for sure I wasn’t dreaming

When the light inside her shone…

Once more.

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