Lacking be the life I’m living

If not for every moment giving

You the things that you desire.

Cry out to the Djinni, the smokeless fire.

And I will travel through the ages

To be with you, and every day,

I’ll love you truly,

I’ll love you simply,

Our tale upon the lips of gypsies

Dancing down and winding through

The halls of time, and back to you

So you can see that I would do

Most anything, should it serve you.

Yes, my lover, I am she

Who lives a life so purposely

Free of purpose, floating by

Unaffected by the sands of time.

Though grains shall drop and

Years shall pass,

It’s you who holds the hourglass,

For I am yours, but to command

And yours, the bounty of my hands.

And in serving you, I serve myself,

For in the virtue of your wealth,

I am given reason.

To love you steadily.

Love you simply.

The Djinni is yours for the keeping.

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