Should I dare to come and wake you from your slipping, sleeping trance,

And so expose my naked soul to you and the wicked tides of chance?

Maybe I’ll blow smoke into your mirrors, leave you grasping at the last glance

Of me, draped in the fragments of your shattered past.

I’d dreamed so long of a drooping face

With hair like yours,

And a dress of lace

Tossed carelessly upon her bones

And eyes like rubies in the starlight,

Piercing through my thumping chest.

I’ll slave for you and let my body be the earth, to set your path,

I’ll sweep around you like the wind and .hold you tight when you can’t stand.

I’ll let you sit when you’re uneasy upon the shores of my sweet love.

And I’ll fight to keep you breathing when the smoke gets in your lungs.



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