Sun Settler

Brave one to break the surface of this place.

Denizen of a land of desolation, desperate to engage.

One with his ambition and inheritance of grace

could never bear to watch the rolling tide decide his fate.

Snared within the bramble of a million begging voices

Propelled by false accomplishments and the punishments avoided

 By mercy of a power remaining unseen

Skipping lightest feet upon the path of fading sunbeams.

The Sun as it sets settles all unrest

and brings into view an escape.

Lighting the way to another place,

He’ll settle the Sun and become a fixture

Forgotten on Earth and wiped clean of the symptoms

of greenery and greed,

of gravity and grief.

Being neither the victim

nor the victor of man.

And resolved in his decision.

To settle the Sun.

Life’s loneliest mission.

If only he can.



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