I try so hard to turn the knob

Of a door I wish did not exist.

Walking down the empty halls

A hollow nightmare built of brick.

Overwhelming sense of a story

I’ve been blessed to never know.

Like the past is rushing towards me,

And I’m stumbling for the door.

My head is lighter than the walls of these white rooms.

Spinning overhead, the lives I’ve cycled through…

First a mason, then an angel, then a mule.

So many times I’ve broken my own petty rules.

Now I’m dizzy and losing balance once again.

So many voices calling out now from within.

Nausea carries a book of curses.

Spitting freely from her mouth the woe of all.

I’m only reeling and careening in the path back to the door.

If I can just avoid the walls.

If I can just avoid a fall…

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